Rose White White Lamp Bedside Table Draw

Rose white bedside cabinet with 3 drawers

White Rose White Lamp Bedside Table

A painted white lamp table from The White Rose bedroom furniture range with a curved front.

This stunningly pretty cabinet has three curved drawers, each with a carved Rose pull handle for fabulous storage.

Ideal as a bedside table in the bedroom or lamp table in the living room and hall. Makes for beautiful storage in the bathroom.


Height: 68cm
Width: 35cm

Drawer: Height: 15cm. Width: 27cm. Depth: 25cm

Material: Wood

Fully Assembled

Price: £75

Rose white bedside table with three drawers and rose carved handles

White iving room furniture, lamp table with three drawers

A nightstand in Rose White

Rose white bedside cabinet with 3 drawers from The white Lighthouse

Rose white bedside cabinet with drawers

White bedroom furniture from The White Lighthouse

White living room lamp table

Rose white bedside cabinet with 3 drawers Living room and hall furniture

Rose white bedside cabinet with 3 drawers Bedroom Furniture

Rose white bedside cabinet with three drawers form The White Lighthouse Bedroom Furniture

Rose White Bedside Table

Finished in a matt white paint featuring delicatively carved Rose white handles and an elegantly bowed front.

They are a really beautifully designed bedside table and will brighten any rooms, a very popular choice for pretty country cottage interiors and olde girls bedrooms. The style and design allows this particular bedside to grow with them.

As an affordable statement piece of furniture the white lamp tables will blend well with most colour schemes.

The three drawers easily glide in and out and will give ample storage for all your bedside requirements asd wee as giving drawers for items of clothing such as pyjamas and underwear.

With no assembly required the tables are delivered free and ready to put into place with no worry of having to build.

"A perfect mix of functionality and style"

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