Montauk Wooden Shelves

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New England Living room furniture . Montauk shelves

Montauk Wooden Shelves

The Montauk wooden freestanding shelf unit with four slatted shelves and a top chalkboard.

The Montauk shelf is finished in driftwood style and colour to resemble the washed up wood of the peaceful Montauk shores. 

Each Shelf tray is slatted with a surround to store anything from toiletries in your bathroom or books in your living room. The shelf unit makes a unique bedside table for books, and essentials

Scribe your daily message to the family on the chalkboard


Height: 122cm 
Width: 38cm 
Widest Depth: 36cm 
Top Shelf: W:34cm, H:3cm, D: 13cm
Shelf 2: W:34cm, H:3cm, D: 20cm 
Shelf 3: W:34cm, H:3cm, D: 28cm
Bottom Shelf: W:34cm, H:3cm, D: 36cm

Material: Wood

Price: £56


New England furniture. Montauk freestanding shelf unit for living room

Montauk Living room shelf unit

Montauk wooden shelf

Montauk Wooden Shelves

Montauk Bathroom freestanding shelf unit

Montauk wooden freestanding shelves for coastal interiors

The Montauk shelf unit as a unique bedside table

Montauk shelving in grey and white hall or living room interiors furniture

Montauk wooden shelf unit for bathroom, living room and kitchen

Montauk wooden shelves for bathroom, living room and kitchen

Montauk wooden shelf unit for bathroom, living room and kitchen


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