Dorchester Blanket Ladder

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Dorchester decorative wooden ladder for living room. Decorate with fairy lighths for a cosy feel

Dorchester Quilt / Throw Ladder

The Dorchester quilt or throw ladder in an aged wood effect finish with a chalkboard top.

A great idea to hang quilts, clothes, throws or blankets

Tip: Cosy your living room by hanging fairy lights


Total Height:
Width: 43cm

Material: Wood

Price: £38

Dorchester Towel Ladder

Dorchester Blanket ladder with the Driftwood table for coastal interiors

kitchen towel ladder for tea towels

chalkboard on towel ladder

towel ladder

Decorative wooden ladder for every interior

Dorchester ladder for towels, clothes, throws and blankets from The White Lighthouse

Rooms, Tips and Ideas

Bedroom: Place against an empty wall to create a decorative feature to hang scarves or use to keep clothes off the floor.

Bathroom: Hang towels or use as a decorative feature and add your insprational message on the chalkboard.

Living Room: A great place to hang throws and blankets to create a cosy living room feature with fairy lights

Decor: For a cool and calming look to your room, add towels or throws in pale colours, plain linen always adds appeal while soft chunky throws will give you a more cosy feel.
The ladder will blend with all interiors, designed by taking inspiration from the aged wood of the coast in driftwood, beach huts and old wooden boats and bringing this inside wherever you live.



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