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White and grey yacht

White and Grey Sailing Boat

A decorative sailing boat on a stand in white and grey.

Ideal for coastal interiors and bathrooms


Height: 31.5cm
Width: 19cm
Depth: 4cm

Materials: Wood, Fabric

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Coastal and Nautical Home Accessories...

... Bring a touch of the coast into your home

Many of us dream of living by the sea, at The White Lighthouse our designers have sourced and designed beautiful coastal and nautical inspired items to enhance your home and bring the coast closer.

Add a chic relaxed feel by bringing the coastal feel into your home by choosing and displaying decorative accents such as signs, boats, soft furnishings, driftwood and wall decor.

We have a wide range of pieces to bring texture and interest into your home including decorative yachts, boats, lighthouses, driftwood, mirrors, cushions and so much more to complement perfectly our beach and coastal furniture pieces

Draw inspiration from the natural colours of the ocean along with the textures of weathered wood...Take inspiration from the beauty of the coast...

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