Casco Bay Grey Willow Stool Table

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Casco Bay willow seat stool side table for coastal New England living room interiors and furniture

 Casco Bay Willow Stool / Table

Casco Bay grey willow seat or stool

Every piece of our Casco Bay basketware is hand woven with grey wash Kubu Rattan, gaining its indiviual colour by soaking natural Rattan in water and mud for three weeks, then washing and drying. It is this process that gives each item its own uniqueness.

A gorgeous stool to keep for extra seating or a dressing table stool that can also be used as a side table 


Height: 49cm
Width : 34cm
Depth: 34cm

Material: Willow

Fully Assembled

Price: £55

 Casco Bay stool as extra seating in a New England home when you need it

Casco Bay willow seat stool side table for New England living room interiors. The White Lighthouse Furniture

Casco Bay willow seat stool side table for coastal living rooms furniture and interiors from The White Lighthouse

Coastal furniture for the living room from The White Lighthouse Funriture. Ideas in decorating and furnishing the home in New England and luxury coastal decor

Casco Bay willow seat stool side table for bcoastal bedrooms

Casco Bay willow seat stool side table for coastal furniture and home interiors

The White Lighthouse New England coastal and country furniture

Casco Bay New England country and coastal furniture, natural materials are perfect for coastal interiors

Decorative items from The White Lighthouse Furniture and Home decor in New England style interiros for country, coastal and city homes



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