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White Hall Tables

At The White Lighthouse we think a white hall table is an essential piece of furniture in your hallway which is why we offer many different options to buy... as a place to display white flowers, photos, and a lamp to add decor and interest to you hallway.

When you enter your home, a place to set your keys and the post that has arrived that day.

The size of the table greatly depends on how much room you have in your hall as you do not want an oversized piece of furniture that you have to squeeze past or are always knocking into with schoolbags or as you bring your laundry upstairs. If you have a small hall, a lamp table is probably the best option.

New England hall table white drawers for hallway furniture

New England White Console Table

Preferably you will want a hall table with some drawers for the storage of pens, notepaper, keys letters and coins. Baskets under the table are perfect to for children to throw their shoes into as they come into the house instead of leaving on the floor!

New England white hall table

New England Hall White Console Table

A white hall table will lighthen your hallway, does not matter what colour your walls are, a white table will alway complement any colour... white on white for a coastal New England look, or a dark wall with a white table for a clubhouse feel. For any home style, coastal, New England, country, cottage, French, suburban, a white hall table will match in perfectly.

Add some artificial white Hydrangea to great you and your guests on arrival, and they will last for years. A very cost effective way to have flowers all year round.

Add a clock or a mirror abouve the hall table for a quick check before you leave

Depending on the rest of your hallway, add some interes with hemoe accessories. Here we have added a few silver pieces with the white to complement the handles for a luxurious feel

White hall table and silver coat stand

New England White Hallway Console Table

By adding a coat stand in your hall you will not need much more furniture to complete.

Cove Bay white beach house style small hall table with shelf and drawer for small hallways

Cove Bay White Console Hall Table

Depending on the size of you hall you may need to choose a smaller console table, this Cove Bay table is perfect with a drawer and a shelf.

White tray table for small hallway furniture to add a lamp.

Butler Table for Small Hallway Table

A simple tray table is enough if you just want to add a lamp to your hall.

A chest of drawers is a great idea for a hallway console table asit gives massive amounts of the extra storage needed.

Idea for a hall table is chest of white drawers

New England White Chest of Drawers

Written by Charlotte Simpson l Furniture Designer

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