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White Bedroom Furniture. How to Style Your Bedroom New England Style

Think New England, think a traditional beach house. Bright and breezy, airy and sirene. Light sand, blue seas, white clouds - this is what immediately comes to mind

You can easily emulate this style in ypur bedroom. So much time is spent there and with the increasing stresses of everyday life, it is becoming more importnat that you have a place of your own to come to, a relaxing environment where you can switch off and drift away.

Beach combing, child hood days at the beach running through the water, splashing as the wave sweep over. This is waht a New England Style bedroom is about.

The White Lighthouse has brought together a collection of white bedroom furniture and accessories to allow you to easily create your own beach style bedroom.

A white bedroom in New England Style, how to create your own coastal bedroom

In this bedroom we have matched The New Haven Range with the New England dressing table, all these pieces have white round handles, complimenting each other perfectly, while providing essential storage you require in the bedroom.

The New Haven white bedside table is a perfect choice for a bedside table, with 2 drawers and at a very reasonable price. The larger units form this range provide extra storage in the form of baskets and drawers, perfect for toiletries, smaller items of clothing or make-up.

The New England white dressing table with the white knob handles is used here as it gives a better impression of a coastal home.

Crisp white bedrooms are arresting in their purity and simplicity, but some may prefer a warmer look. Add layers of other coastal colours to add the exra warmth. Beige simulates the sand dunes while pale blue calls to mind the essence of the ocean and the sky.

We had added some artificial Hydrangea stems for height in the bedroom and for an interesting centre piece. A small white bedside lamp gives extra light on the darker evenings

Other pictures of white bedroom furniture

Maine range of white bedroom furniture pieces, these give great storage for small bedrooms

All ladies love thie dressing table in their bedroom

A fantastic bedside table with the dressing table - a perfect white bedroom

simply a stool and dressing table in your white bedroom


Written by Susie Dodds l Interior Designer at The White Cottage. 



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