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For your bedroom or dressing room, consider adding a dressing table to your room

For years the dressing table was a forgotten piece of furniture. The dressing table was once popular over fifty years ago but then over time became long forgotten. However, nowadays the dressing table has been enjoying a revival and is now one of the most coveted items of furniture for most women. Whether it is nostalgia for a different era or just a sentimental item bringing back memories of watching our mothers and grandmothers getting dressed for an evening, a dressing table represents our past more than any other piece of furniture in our homes.

If you can remember a time when your mother was brushing her hair at night whilst sitting at her dressing table, then most likely it is a memory you would like to create for your daughter. What is more, a dressing table looks elegant in a bedroom.

What are the other benefits of a dressing table?
There are many other benefits of a dressing table apart from bringing back memories from a time since past. A dressing table is incredibly useful for both usage and storage. What better way to store all your hair accessories, perfumes and creams and lotions? As well as having somewhere to display these items, you can also use the dressing table when getting ready to go out. It is a lovely place to sit and brush your hair or to relax while you do your makeup. No more standing, hunched over a sink in the bathroom while doing your makeup. You can just sit leisurely and take your time whilst getting ready.
For a great dressing table, you can go online today
You can find a dressing table to suit your home decor in a range of style and prices by going online to There you will find the dressing table of your dreams at a reasonable price. Don’t wait a minute longer to find the dressing table to complete your bedroom.


Luxury white bedroom with dressing table

New England white dressing table with knob handles

New England dressing table with drawers

New England dressing table for a white bedroom

New England dressing table simply

New England dressing table with silver handles

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Written by Charlotte Simpson l Interior Designer at The White Lighthouse 



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