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Bedside tables are a necesssity...

If you have get nothing else in your bedroom you should at least have some bedside tables!

You obviously need a bed but apart from that you only need a bedside table to complete your bedroom..

... whether its a bedside cabinet, a simple table or a small trunk.

Your clothes can be hung on a simple rail in the corner and your smalls under your bed in baskets but to make your bedroom look finished and designed you need to add a bedside table or two.

It dosnt even matter about the size of our room there are sizes and shapes for every room. This does not need to be expensive either, some of our favourite tables cost less than £50 but can make all the difference to the look of a bedroom and can also, depending on your choice, add more storage than you would think for makeup, hair dryers etc.
So in conclusion....

...You do need a bedside to complete your bedroom.

Bedside tables frame your bed, with a double have one on each side with a lamp to add some interes to the bedroom interior. We have included some examples of affordable bedsides that give a great look to your bedroom

Rose White Bedside table, an ideal in a smaller bedroom or childrens room. The basket nad drawer give lots of storage

The Rose white small bedside table is a pretty bedside table, ideal for small bedrooms or a girls bedroom. The basket and drawer offer lots of extra storage to hide clutter.

Bar Harbor small narrow bedisde table with basket and drawer 25cm wide

A petite bedside... so cute

Dorset slim narrow white bedside table with 4 drawers, 25cm wide will fit into narrow spaces

An extra slim bedside for when only little space is available

rose white bedside table with curved frontage

The Rose white bedside table with curved frontage and carved handles

New Haven small white bedside table

Simply white... A very cute bedside table that is affordable and stylish while giving two drawers for storage. The New Haven white bedside table. The simple straigt lines of this bedside table make it a perfect match for all white bedrooms

Dorset Narrow Bedside Table

The Dorset narrow bedside table, designed by our team to fit into any bedroom space


Written by Susie Dodds l Interior Designer at The White Cottage. 


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